Hari Nam Kaur
Hari Nam Kaur is a powerful hereditary healer and an official representative of the International Sat Nam Rasayan School in Russia. She started learning Hatha yoga at the age of 4, following her mother’s steps, who was one of the first yoga teachers in Amsterdam. As she was growing up in the family of healers, she learned how to heal with powerful crystals and with hands, with magnetism technique and craniosacral therapy, adjusting people’s bodies and emotions. 
As Hari Nam turned 6,  she started to attend the school of philosophy where she was learning Sanskrit, Indian dance, meditation and ancient Indian philosophy.
Hari Nam Kaur met Guru Dev at the age of 23 and started an intense training of Sat Nam Rasayan. Soon Guru Dev introduced her to Hari Singh, they got married and have been together for 25 years already. Hari Singh and Hari Nam Kaur have a son and a daughter. Their son Amardev Singh also follows the tradition and is one of the three teachers of the Golden Link school. 
After the birth of Amardev, Hari Nam lived in the house of Yogi Bhajan, she was blessed to get personal classes by the Master, and it was him, who among other things taught her JapJi. 
She also lived in Mexico where she got training from a close friend of Guru Dev and a personal healer of Yogi Bhajan, who was a powerful healer, and lived in the jungle. He called Hari Nam  “The Mother“.
Studying and teaching Sat Nam Rasayan has been her life and realization for 25 years and her true passion is teaching Women’s courses. Her classes are always transforming and deep.