Hari Singh
Hari Singh comes from a family of hereditary healers and began his studies with Yogi Bhajan at the age of 14!
He had been serving Guru Dev Singh for 40 years. He has been following his teachings and was close to the Master like a foster-son.
When Yogi Bhajan sent Guru Dev to Italy, Hari Singh followed him. He was serving the Master and studying with him for over 35 years. Hari Singh is a powerful healer and an advanced shaman, he was trained by shamans in the jungle as well as Hari Nam Kaur.
Hari Singh, in partnership with Guru Jagat, who has owned a Sikh Ashram in Amsterdam for over 40 years, runs a successful Ayurvedic tea company. Hari heals and teaches all over the world, often traveling with his wife Hari Nam Kaur and their children.
As Guru Dev said, he is responsible for holding Reman and Kundalini Surjhee Japas, and performs them every year.